Chintan Shah

ML at PathAI, Inc.; Previously MS CS at Northeastern, Directi


Boston, MA

Welcome to my website!

I work in Machine Learning at PathAI developing deep learning technology for digital pathology. Previously I was an MS CS student specializing in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Khoury College of Computer Sciences, advised by Dr. Rose Yu. I have spent some time as a research intern at PathAI (Summer 2020) and Apprentice Health (2019) where I applied machine learning to solving challenging problems in healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Research Interests: My current skills lie in machine learning applied to digital pathology and I find myself excited about self-supervised, multi-modal, and multi-task learning. I am generally interested in optimization and deep learning.

Previously: I began my career as a software engineer at (part of the Directi group). My focus was on developing large-scale, low-latency solutions to optimize ad revenue in the ad-tech industry. As I progressed within the organization, I eventually became a senior software engineer leading a team of five, which provided me with valuable leadership experience.

Topics that intrigue me include but are not limited to networks, finance, entrepreneurship, music, spirituality, and just about anything else that helps me understand why the world is the way it is.


May 14, 2024 Our Pathology Foundation Model: PLUTO (PathoLogy Universal TransfOrmer) is now available here!

selected publications

  1. pluto_fig.png
    PLUTO: Pathology-Universal Transformer
    Dinkar Juyal*, Harshith Padigela*Chintan Shah*, Daniel Shenker, Natalia Harguindeguy, Yi Liu, Blake Martin, Yibo Zhang, Michael Nercessian, Miles Markey, Isaac Finberg, Kelsey Luu, Daniel Borders, Syed Ashar Javed, Emma Krause, Raymond Biju, Aashish Sood, Allen Ma, Jackson Nyman, John Shamshoian, Guillaume Chhor, Darpan Sanghavi, Marc Thibault, Limin Yu, Fedaa Najdawi, Jennifer A. Hipp, Darren Fahy, Benjamin Glass, Eric Walk, John Abel, Harsha Pokkalla, Andrew H. Beck, and Sean Grullon
    May 2024