Chintan Shah

Khoury College of Computer SciencesNortheastern University

Welcome to my website!

I’m a MS CS student specializing in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at Khoury College of Computer Sciences, advised by Dr Rose Yu. I have spent some time as a research intern at PathAI (Summer 2020) and Apprentice Health (2019) where I applied machine learning to solving challenging problems in healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Research Interests: My current skills lie in the area of graph neural networks, multi-task and meta-learning and I particularly enjoy solving problems in the low-data regime. I am generally interested in optimization and deep learning.

Previously: I started my career as a software engineer at (also of Directi fame) working on building large-scale, low-latency solutions for problems revenue optimization as they appear in ad-tech. I was fortunate to grow within the organization and gained valuable leadership experience as a senior software engineer responsible for a team of five. In the past, I’ve dabbled at entrepreneurship in my sophomore year by starting (now defunct :smile:) Lazywyre - an online textbook store that enabled renting books for a semester.

Topics that intrigue me include, but are not limited to networks, finance, entrepreneurship, music, and spirituality, and just about anything else that help me understand why the world is the way it is.

177 Huntington Ae

Boston, MA 02115


Jul 9, 2020 Finding Patient Zero poster accepted to NetSCI 2020